Our patients can take advantage of regular examinations and cleaning to keep their dental hygiene at the top level, and to prevent any future dental problems. We at BRITISH DENTAL CLINIC are focusing on preventative dental care to make sure we can help our patients to maintain a happy, healthy smile.

Our team focuses on building a close professional relationship with our patients and likes to see them regularly to make sure that they can always maintain their oral health. To allow us to do so we highly recommend that you visit your dentists every 6 month for your thorough examination and hygiene appointment.

Dental hygiene session

Regular visits to our dentist/hygienist for cleaning appointments is the most effective way to prevent or treat gum disease before it becomes a more serious gum problem. During your cleaning visit plaque and tartar that, cannot be removed by brushing, will be removed from your teeth. More importantly, our patients will be educated and shown methods to preventing the build up of plaques.

How often do I need to have a hygiene session?
It is recommended to visit your hygienist/dentist for a cleaning session once every 6 months. However, if you already have some gum problems, your dentist would recommend you to visit every 3 month.

Does Scaleing and Polishing hurt?
Your hygienist/dentist will remove the tartar and clean by using ultrasonic instruments and a fine hand instrument.

Most people find the procedure pain-free. But, please talk to our dentist if you have had problem in the past or have any concerns about the procedure.