Dr. Firas Hamzeh



Dr. Firas Hamzeh is a renowned orthodontist based in the UAE. An expert in Digital Orthodontics and Invisible Orthodontics, Dr. Hamzeh is recognized as an early adopter and advocate of innovative orthodontic systems including digital custom brackets INSIGNIA braces. He was also the first Insignia user in the UAE and is a key opinion leader and speaker for ORMCO.

Dr. Hamzeh moved to UAE in 2000 practicing in the private sector. He began to use the Damon Orthodontic System in 2004 and continued his advanced training with Damon System. He regularly speaks locally and internationally for ORMCO as a speaker for Damon and Insignia, becoming one of the well-known orthodontists in the Middle East.

As the first user of Insignia in the UAE, he started his first case in 2012 before moving into the field of digital orthodontics. He loves to treat TMD cases with the experience gained from attending postgraduate training programs in occlusion and TMJ. He is one of few doctors who finished his training in occlusion from the Roth/Williams Center for Functional Occlusion, and he obtained his postgraduate diploma in occlusion and TMD.

His main goal in treatment is excellence in finishing.

Dr. Hamzeh and his wife Laila have two children Daniel and Ryan. He loves to spend time with his family and enjoys his main hobby of portrait and landscape photography.